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Natasha Richardson

March 19 0 Comments Category: Blog

What is it about this woman and this death that somehow feels strangely personal, even familial? Celebrities die in all sorts of circumstances, from plane accidents to drug overdoses to violence. But the news that Natasha Richardson was in critical condition created an unexplained sense of sadness which was only compounded when the final verdict […]

Daylight Savings

March 12 0 Comments Category: Blog

Continuing a thought embedded in my last post I wonder anew about our obsession with Daylight Savings. It seems like we visit and debate the topic every few years, making changes back and forth. Some argue that we’re actually trying to save the Evening; that the energy conservation rationale is merely a rationalization. I’m trying […]

Could Americans Ever Like the Game of Cricket?

March 03 2 Comments Category: Blog

On November 2, 2008 ESPN featured a special sports capsule on cricket, a 20/20 (twenty overs per side; six balls or pitches per over) match between the West Indies Stanford Superstars (named for a Texas billionaire sponsor) and the English national team. For years cricket has been a popular sport in several parts of the […]