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From Bombay to Bahrain to Bloomington

July 02 2 Comments Category: Blog

When I lived in Bahrain, oh, those many years ago, every Friday morning they would head out to the beach, but I was never invited. Thursday nights we roistered late, eating grilled Thai satays and all manner of Asian dishes washed down with exotic beverages. On Friday evenings we met again, they with newly-acquired tans and […]

pDaddy’s Run for Lorraine

July 02 3 Comments Category: Blog

Until you see a Marathon up close you can never really capture the full impact of this granddaddy of all running events.  The Start of the race is like a jamboree—runners stretching and warming up, endless lines of people before endless lines of portable toilets, anxious faces on twitchy bodies, some fully clothed, some barely, […]