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RIP, Dear Friend

August 31 5 Comments Category: Blog

One of my dear friends in India Clarissa Fernandes passed away last night, robbed of more possibilities by the sudden outburst of cancer.  Through the numbness in my heart I am suddenly overcome by a lack of knowledge–how do you mourn someone you haven’t seen in 10 years and who lived on the far side […]

For Lorraine

August 30 3 Comments Category: Poems

When Do I Miss You? I miss you in the morning scurrying With side-long glances hurrying Into the business of the afternoon. I miss you in my walkabout Tom’s half-deserted streets Filled with the bleats Of unanswerable questions… I miss you in the past when you were not, And yet you were… And in the […]

The Reality of Us

August 25 0 Comments Category: Blog

Really? Is this how we like to spend our evenings (and, for some, much of the day), relishing the humiliation of people on TV? This isn’t Alex Keaton torturing his sister Mallory on Family Ties, although the roots of our fascination with degradation are embedded there also, however couched they may be in apparently innocuous […]

Happy Birthday, Mother India

August 15 1 Comment Category: Blog

Today India celebrates 64 years of Independence from British rule.  I left the subcontinent 27 years ago—hard to believe that I’ve been away for almost half of free India.  This past weekend I met a friend from Bombay (Mumbai now) whom I hadn’t seen in 28 years.  We had started together as rookies in an […]