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My Mother and Jack Bond

April 26 9 Comments Category: Blog

Every Christmas it came with the inscription “Across the Miles” scrawled across a corner of the envelope in that inimitable hand, a kind of forward-slanted print with its characteristic serifs ornamenting several letters. Jack Bond’s greetings had arrived at my parents’ house ever since I could remember, along with other cards from the UK where […]

The Americanization of Kim Pereira

April 10 10 Comments Category: Blog

I was lunching with my friend Lane when, in response to something I said, he assumed the amused tone he acquires when he’s about to say what he thinks is profoundly obvious, and remarked, “Dude, get used to the idea; you’re an American!” Which of course started me thinking about the whole matter. What does it […]

An Anthem for our Times

April 09 0 Comments Category: Poems

A nation breathes a sigh relieved By the comfort of the tolling knells, As a month of “Guiltys” ring the alarm Across the land alerting all You can’t outpace the steps of Justice.   But in the distance a black man tries To out-run a speeding bullet!