Just Wondering About Christmas…

I was sitting around the other day, twiddling my thumbs, in a general state of procrastination over something or other (which is par for the course of my life), contemplating the year gone by, and wondering as we head into this holiday season why we do the things we do.  For instance, when we go bargain hunting for Christmas presents are we trying to save money or just get the cheapest acceptable gift, or both?  And has this always been a tradition?  Just wondering…

I mean, when the wise men left for Bethlehem were gold and perfumes on sale?  How much thought did they put into choosing frankincense and myrrh?  Speaking of presents, why do we rip off the paper without a second thought for how much care went into wrapping the gifts?  Then again, why do we put so much care into wrapping presents when we know they’ll just be ripped off without a second thought?  Just wondering!  And how many forests were cut down to make that wrapping paper?  Just wondering…

How often during the year have we spoken to the people to whom we send Christmas cards?  How many times have we contacted them during the last five years?  You know, beyond the “likes” we add to their status updates!  Do we actually read the printed verses in the cards we send or receive?  How many people receive cards from us only after we discover that they’ve sent us a card?  And how do we really feel about mass email greetings?  Or online versions of cards accompanied by muzak renditions of carols?  Just wondering…

Why should our children get more than one gift?  Why do we ask close relatives what they want for Christmas?  When did we forget that the fun of gift-giving is trying to figure out what people will like?  Why do stores have special counters so we can return gifts we don’t like in exchange for whatever we fancy?  Why have we become so blasé that we leave the shop tag on with the assumption that the recipient will probably return the gift anyway?

Why is Santa always a fat, bearded man?  Is it only a matter of time before he becomes a spokesman for Weightwatcher’s?  Or for Gillette razors?  Can’t we have a thin snowman?  Just wondering…

Why do we hang one stocking instead of two?  Why do so many people not have any shoes?  Just wondering!  When did straw in a stable and a star in the sky turn into bunting and tinsel?  Why do we leave milk and cookies near the tree on Christmas eve for an imaginary character, when thousands of real people near our homes go hungry every day?  Just wondering!  Just . . . wondering!







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  1. Francis Castellino Avatar

    Just wondering Kim, what if we were asked to bring alive the spirit of Christmas rather than its rituals? Ironically, it would be blasphemous to even suggest it!

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