The Mommy Lobby

The so-called Mommy Lobby is outraged at some Victoria Secret ad that uses young women selling underwear and swimwear, etc., and at how this objectifies women, contributing to the moral decrepitude of our society! I’ve heard this argument for decades now, holier-than-thou self-styled custodians of our moral standards inveighing against commercialization and sexual mores and social attitudes!  So let’s consider this for a moment.

Listen, Mommy Dearest: I know you’re worried about your Daughters and you don’t want them exploited by “society.”  But instead of spending all that energy attacking VS, you may want to address the people at the root of the problem—your Sons!  If you taught them that women are not objects NO MATTER HOW THEY DRESS, if you taught them that when a GIRL SAYS NO IT MEANS JUST THAT; if you paid close attention to what they’re doing in school or at their friends’ houses; if you slapped them silly (figuratively, I mean, although the other kind might also work) for believing that every woman is their reward because they can throw a perfect spiral; if you taught them that every woman is an extension of you and you keep at them rigorously without EVER once winking at their Neanderthal ways because “boys will be boys;” if you discipline them severely EVERY SINGLE TIME they get out of line, then you would never have to worry about your daughters’ safety and they could express themselves without being made to feel guilty because their idiotic “brothers” grew up with a sense of entitlement that’s appalling!!

They don’t want young girls to dress in skimpy outfits.  In fact, they don’t want any women wearing them.  And I’m not talking about dressing in class or at the office or in church; although why that should make a difference I don’t know; but it does and I’m willing to concede the point—for the moment!   Somewhere else we can talk about how religious leaders are morbidly afraid of women’s bodies!  Why does the Mommy Lobby not want it?  Oh, because they’re provocative!  Inherent in this thought is the idea (and we seem to have accepted it almost without demur) that women who dress in skimpy outfits are responsible for the emotions they awaken.  After all, how can men control their natural tendencies?  How can they not be aroused?  Of course men will be aroused.  Yes, it may be natural.  But that isn’t the point, is it?  Walk around with a boner all day for all I care!  The only thing that matters is that you keep it to yourself!  If women dress “provocatively’ (and I’m not even sure what the hell that means, because a smile can be even more provocative than cleavage) it may be an invitation to look but you can be damn sure it’s not an offer of anything else, because if it were you can be damn sure they’d let you know!  Oh, but how can I tell?  I assumed she wanted it!  If you took your attitude out of your ear you might actually hear them say NO!!  Ay, there’s the rub!









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  1. Jimmy Gabacho Avatar
    Jimmy Gabacho

    Kim: one should be able to swim in the waters one chooses. I am afraid that those waters are infested with predators. For that reason, I supply my daughters with mace for those wankers that can’t keep their hands to themselves. The recent gang rapes Steubenville, Brazil and India tell me that the “men need to control themselves” solution is about as helpful as a space heater on the equator. Predators don’t have the ability to empathicize: they can feel a shot of high powered mace in the eyes, though.

    1. kimpereira Avatar

      Jimmy: I do understand why you feel this way–it just seems overwhelming. But mace would not have helped the Delhi woman nor the Ohio girl. I’m not sure violence is the answer–and so many self-defence schemes have to do with meeting violence with violence; witness the move to arm school teachers.

      My larger point is that our culture validates and rewards macho behavior to such an extent that women are often portrayed as the responsible party. This is not new–the idea of women as seductresses is as ancient as Eden. In fact, it seems like we look everywhere but at the source–our homes and schools.

      I often attack the football culture for the way it sanctifies its heroes (have you any idea how many football players are accused of rape every year?). But this is only a reflection of recondite attitudes within all societies, because it happens in countries where athletics isn’t placed on a cultural pedestal. In India, the male child is openly the darling of the family–privileged, entitled to familial resources, excused for outrageous behavior. This is where the problem occurs.

      Victoria’s Secret is an easy target for the self-styled custodians of our moral values. But VS is a woman’s store, and once again we attack feminine institutions. Next door are gun shops where you can freely pick up all kinds of weapons. Yes, I know they are attacked as well; but the Mommy Lobby (or any other group for that matter) hasn’t planned any protest there!!

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