For Lorraine

When Do I Miss You?

I miss you in the morning scurrying
With side-long glances hurrying
Into the business of the afternoon.

I miss you in my walkabout
Tom’s half-deserted streets
Filled with the bleats
Of unanswerable questions…

I miss you in the past when you were not,
And yet you were…
And in the now for we are caught
By Time’s scythe, that dreadful knife.
I miss you tomorrow when your life
Slipped from my clasp to grasp a new mirth.

And I miss you most in the silence of my hurt…


A Teardrop

I looked for you in the weeping
Leaves trickling down last fall
But you were not there

In the laughter at Christmas
I listened for your voice
In the cadence of your children
But you were not there

To hear the passing comment
That I turned to share
With you that only you
Would catch and smile
But in your chair

Only the cushions rocked
And mocked
My hopeful stare.

When suddenly
You were there,
A teardrop
Balanced tantalizingly
On my nose, my tongue
Sticks out to catch you
But you never drop,
Poised…in full sight…
Within reach…unattainable…


I Will Write of Love

I will write of love, my love,

When thoughts have reached their tired end
And words have lost their potent sense,
I will write to fill the silence and the tense.
I will write for only love is left to send.

When all the songs and every tune
I know are sung in key and out,
I’ll find new ways I have no doubt
When words are gone I’ll script a rune.

I will write of love, my love,

At noon and in the evening chill,
For not to write of love would freeze and kill
My love, my love, so I must write though you are still.

I will write of love, my love, my love…

On Your Birthday
Why must the leaves start falling in October?
Why can’t I weep alone for just one year?
Why is it always Autumn on your birthday?
Why can’t I borrow Spring from selfish May?

But I should stop and look around me lest
I miss resplendent nature at her best
And then I’d know that that’s the reason
You were born in this great season.









3 responses to “For Lorraine”

  1. Ralph Avatar

    I too, like you stuck my tongue to get the teardrop poised tantalizingly on tip of my nose. Wow is my best adjective to describe how I feel.

    1. kimpereira Avatar

      Thanks, Ralph.

  2. Ralph Avatar

    Shared this with a colleague who recently lost her father and brother. She could not hold back the tears and had me print them to share with her family. She told me to tell you that your gift is a blessing. I also gave her your website.

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