Our Friend: A Few Thoughts.

It was one of those surfing mistakes. Through an Amazon Prime streaming. When you’re looking for something, anything to snatch a few more minutes from sleep. Then I saw Dakota Johnson’s name. I’m a fan, although I’ve only caught a few minutes of the Fifty Shades seen the results and not even the juicy parts. But it grabbed my weak attention before I realized it was about a young woman who died of cancer, absolutely the last thing I wanted to watch. Casey Affleck and Jason Siegel, two actors quite unlike each other, one taciturn and brooding, the other full of forced bonhomie but somehow affecting. And Dakota, who tends to play limited extensions of similar characters but somehow finds charming and even poignant centers in each of them. This isn’t a review; I glanced through one that bemoaned the fact that this movie didn’t move you to tears, as if that was the point of all.






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